„After years of trying, I finally found the right product.“

As a teenager, I suffered from hair loss for the first time. In the morning after I got up, my pillow was full of hair. The dermatologist prescribed hormone tinctures, but pointed out that my hair would probably never become full and strong again, because my lack of hair fullness was probably genetically caused.

Discouraged and frustrated, I kept my hair short and tried to bring a little momentum into my thin curls. Until I was in my mid-twenties, I could never let my hair grow below chin length. They broke off, frittered out, it just looked impossible. My hair also clapped on my head because of its length and my bald, light scalp shone through my dark strands in several places. Finally, my family doctor recommended that I try Pantogar® in addition to the tinctures, which contains specific active ingredients that the hair needs. So my dream of long, healthy hair came true after all. My hair length now reaches under my shoulder, my hair is genetically thin, but resistant, the scalp no longer shines through, it shines and looks healthy. I have been satisfied for about 5 years now and have even dared to experiment with colour in the meantime. I had never dared to do that before – for fear of only making it worse. But now my hair even resists the color!

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