„My diet completely threw my hair off balance.“

I wanted to have a great bikini body for the summer so I went on a diet. I radically changed my diet and reached my desired weight after only a few weeks. Naturally I was proud. But the price was high: my beautiful long hair, which I could hardly tame in the past because it was so full, fell out more and more and I had the feeling that I had only half as much hair on my head as before.

I regretted my diet completely, because my hair loss caused me more stress than my figure ever did. I hit a real low, I couldn’t face being around people and I couldn’t enjoy the summer at all. The swimming pool was the worst, especially with wet hair. I felt like I was being stared at, which dragged me farther and farther down. Luckily, I read about a product for diffuse hair loss, which saved me. I was so relieved when after a few months I noticed how good it was for my hair and that I could gradually feel more and more hair on my head. Now I enjoy the summer again – with a good figure AND healthy hair.

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